Recently, iOS 16.3 RC was released, and as usual, the release of the RC version means that the official version update will be released in a week as well, and the two versions are no different.

So, let’s take a look at how to upgrade your iOS device to RC/Beta version.

How to Get Testing Qualifications

There are basically two ways to download the iOS Beta version testing qualifications:

  1. Apple Beta Software Program
  2. Apple Developer Program

Apple Beta Software Program

Apple Beta Software Program is a public testing program provided by Apple. As long as you have an iOS device and an Apple ID, you can apply to join the testing program.

Apple Developer Program

This is provided for iOS developers, and requires a $99 USD annual fee to join. For example, if you have your own iOS app and want to test whether your app has any issues on the iOS Beta version, etc.

How to Join the Apple Beta Software Program

Since the second method requires payment, we will use the first method as an example here.

Download Profile

After entering the website, click on Enroll Your Devices in the upper right corner to download the profile.

Install Profile

Go to “Settings”->“General”->“Profile” and find the downloaded profile, and click “Install” in the upper right corner. You may need to enter a password during the process. After completion, restart is required.

Install iOS Beta Version

After the restart is complete, go to “Settings”->“General”->“Software Update”, and you will see the update for iOS Beta version!


iOS Beta is not as stable as the official version in many aspects, so if it is an important device, it is recommended to wait for the official version to be released before upgrading!