Do you often forget to bring your Android phone with you when you need it? TeamViewer can help with that! But you need to remove it from the system’s automatic background kill list.

The remote control function is compatible with Android 5~Android 8 (the first time you use it, you may be asked for permission, and you can choose to allow permanently). For Android 9 and above, it is suitable for remote viewing (every time you use it on Android 9 and above, you need to allow it once on your phone, which is more suitable as a tool for wireless display to a computer).

Demonstration device: HTC phone with HTC Sense running Android 6.0

  1. First, please download Host from the Play Store.

  2. Download the remote control plugin.

  1. Log in or register a TeamViewer account.

This way, you can remotely control other phones, tablets or computers that are logged in with the same account. Although it may not be perfect, it is still useful.

The dashboard page can display phone information, and the remote control page can zoom in on the circled area.

You can use your phone to control your phone.