At the end of last year, I submitted an application for MANRS for SteveYi Network Service. At the beginning of this year, we passed the review and officially became a participant in MANRS! Our member introduction can be found here:

So, let’s talk about how we implement MANRS policies.

MANRS has four main policies, which are:

Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information Prevent traffic with incorrect spoofed source IP addresses Promote coordination between network operators Facilitate global operational communication and coordination

So how do we achieve these?

First, we block traffic from private IP addresses defined in RFC1918 on our core routers. Traffic from these IP addresses will not be sent to the public network. Second, we comply with RFC 8212 and do not broadcast unused network segments without explicit routing policies. Additionally, we generate corresponding IRR records from our AS-STEVEYI and filter out routes that do not belong to us.

We also filter the peer routes of peers who establish private peering with us. We add all peer AS-SETs or ASNs to our AS-STEVEYI-A and automatically generate corresponding IRR records to filter out invalid routes.

We also welcome network enthusiasts/engineers who are interested in our filtering system to contact us at info_at_steveyi_dot_net!