This morning when I opened Facebook, I found that Cloudflare has launched a new service - Spectrum. It is currently available to all paid users, and I don’t know if there will be a chance to open it to free customers in the future. Official blog link:

Coincidentally, I have several domains that use the Plesk Plus service (this service has been discontinued), which is considered Cloudflare Pro version, so I can also activate this feature!

So let’s record the setup process.

First, go to domain settings and select Spectrum at the top. Then click Enable Spectrum.

After activation, click Create an application.

Choose SSH (port 22) or Minecraft (port 65535) (if using Enterprise version, you can use RDP).

Then enter the subdomain and IP address, and click Save.

Now we just need to wait for it to take effect!

You can use the terminal (dig domain name) or Google Public DNS to check the CNAME record.

Currently, this service provides:

  • 5GB traffic/month for Pro version
  • 10GB traffic/month for Business version
  • Over 1GB, billed at $0.1/GB

For those who are struggling with DDoS defense, you can give it a try!