Sometimes, for various reasons, you may not want to use Wi-Fi or a personal hotspot when using the internet, or your computer’s wireless network card may be blocked by surrounding objects, or even a black Apple computer may not have a compatible wireless network card. In these cases, using an Android phone as a network receiver is a good idea.
macOS version 10.11 (El Captain) or higher is required, and this article demonstrates using macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).
As long as the Android phone can connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data, and has USB data connection capability, you can follow the tutorial mentioned below.
Please note that keeping the phone plugged in for 24 hours may cause it to bloat, so only plug it in when needed.

First, please go to this website and visit the author’s download page, and click the button highlighted in red in the picture below.

Next, please click “Keep” on the download progress bar in the lower left corner, as the computer may mistake this package for a virus.

After entering the installation program, please continue to click “Continue” all the way.

If you encounter an interface that requires a password, please enter the password to grant permission.

After installation, please plug the phone into the computer’s USB port and turn on USB data connection.

In the system preferences, open the network preferences.

Next, you will see if the phone is connected in there.