This article was supposed to be published in December of last year, but it happened to coincide with server maintenance, so it hasn’t been released until now.

One day, when the author was modifying their Google account information, they accidentally discovered the “Ad Settings” section, which had quite a bit of information.

The data comes from various records of Google and YouTube under the login status, as well as the basic information filled out when applying for a Google account.

You can infer interests, age, household income, relationship status, employer, and even the number of children.

However, the inferred information is subject to change and is not entirely accurate. If you don’t mind, you can take it as a joke 🤣 (The author once saw their income fluctuate between “slightly high, slightly low, high, and low” within three days)

If you really don’t like being seen through by Google, you can turn off the personalization switch for ads above or use incognito mode for searching.

Take a look at how Google perceives the author, but remember that it’s not entirely accurate 🤣 If you don’t like the items the system is guessing, you can always click “Disable,” and the item will be moved to “Turned off items,” and you won’t see it again while logged in~

The turned-off items will look something like the following image. You can accidentally click off ads or click “Not interested” in various places, and they will all end up here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the ads that were clicked off before 🤣 The link is below, so feel free to check it out when you have time.